The course on Brightspace and in the course prospectus.

Practical Assignments


The practical work for the course serves two main objectives:

  1. Get to know the emerging Big Data platforms in practice (especially Spark)
  2. Gain hands-on experience with modern development tools and services, including git, github, docker, Jupyter notebooks, etc..

Assignment release and completion workflow is managed through Brightspace.

You complete the assignments with self-assessment using the quiz. Do not hesitate to ask for help if the quiz does not match your expectations.

Lab sessions

Official hours for the Lab sessions are Fridays 8.30 - 10.15 and Fridays 13.30 - 15.15.

During those hours, you can count on finding TAs available in HG00.029 for Q&A and helping out with issues you may encounter. Arjen tries to attend himself every lab session, but cannot always make it.

Feel free to work on the assignments throughout the week, TAs and teachers will occasionally find the time to answer questions at other moments too - just put them in the Matrix room for Lab Sessions and we will take it from there.

Getting help

Ask questions in the Lab Sessions Matrix Room.

Let us keep a Wiki with Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers), with common problems drawn from the Matrix room. You are more than welcome to contribute to the FAQ!