Spark RDDs

The goal of assignment 3A is to get hands-on experience in using the Spark Notebook to write your spark programs.

Start the docker container (refer to assignment A1.b and the Spark Notebook background if necessary).

Note: if you need to restart from scratch, the easiest is to follow the detailed instructions from assignment 2, where you can skip the middle part (the instructions that setup Hadoop).

Using Notebook

Access Spark Notebook in your browser by navigating to localhost:9001.

You may navigate a notebook with the keyboard by pressing shift-enter to execute a cell, and enter to add lines to a cell.

To get files onto the notebook docker container that you use, the easiest approach is to simply start a shell inside the container, and download the files there:

docker exec -it HASH /bin/bash

Inside the shell, you can simply cd to move to the directory you need, and use scp, wget or git clone commands to copy the files needed.

Prepare container

Create the following directory and copy the course notebook BigData-big-data-spark-rdd.snb into that directory:

mkdir -p /opt/docker/notebooks/BigData
cd /opt/docker/notebooks/BigData

Navigate to localhost:9001/tree/BigData in your browser to open the notebook you just installed inside your Spark Notebook container.

Follow the steps in the course notebook to get at ease with using spark, scala; and make sure that you understand what you find in the Spark UI, available at localhost:4040.

When you get stuck, open an issue in the Forum to find help from your fellow students and/or me!

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