Peer review of assignment 2 and 3 blogs

Each student in team rubigdata-students-2017 has been assigned two peer review assignments, that you find in the peer review overview (one for each assignment):

Every line lists the github account of the reviewer and two pairs of links, that correspond to the two results for assignment two that are to be reviewed.

The blog post is the primary target of evaluation. If the blog was posted correctly, you can navigate there via the first link in each pair. Otherwise, please check if the repository for the assignment lists a location for the blogpost, e.g. in the README file. (The blog post might refer to new code that was checked in into the assignment repository.)

How to review

Enter your review by posting an issue on the blog repository (you should have been assigned the rights to do so), in which you evaluate the blog post using the following rubric:

Trait Unsatisfactory Acceptable Excellent
Originality Plain copy-paste from assignment Presentation follows closely the assignment text Blog presents an original story, inspired by but not literally following the assignment
Completeness Large portions of assignments missing The blog covers most of the aspects of the assignment Blog discusses main concepts beyond the original assignment
Effectiveness Main idea or purpose not clear Clear statement of idea or purpose Creative and effective with clear main idea or purpose
Accuracy Inaccurate or incorrect statements Mostly correct Correct, clear and elegant examples
Readability Poorly organised, difficult to read The blog is only readable if you know the assignments The blog is well organised and easy to read

Write at least one sentence of feedback for every trait (dimension) of the rubric, and score every dimension using three grades, unsatisfactory (0), acceptable (1), and excellent (2). Also include the url of the blog you reviewed in the issue.

Completing the Peer Review

After you entered your review as issue on the blog repository, fill out the appropriate online form from the list:

Enter the rubric scores and the link to the github issue where you entered the evaluation. (You should do this independently for each of the two peer reviews assigned to you.)

Final Comment

The peer review process is new this year, so feel free to leave any questions or comments on the forum, or, if you prefer not to share your feedback with the other students, by sending me a private email with “Big Data” in the subject.